I TEAM asking hard questions of special sheriff’s deputy about incident on cell phone Video

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CLEVELAND - The FOX 8 I TEAM is tracking new developments in the case of a retired police officer captured on cell phone video wearing a sheriff’s deputy uniform getting involved in a property dispute.

The incident happened on Cleveland’s west side. The cell phone video was shot by a man involved in the property dispute. He couldn’t understand why Harry Gant got involved, and he had trouble getting answers. Ultimately, the people involved got a protection order.

The I TEAM walked up to Gant with our camera rolling before a hearing on that protection order. Gant had no comment.

Cuyahoga County says Gant is what’s called a Special Deputy for the sheriff’s department.

Meantime, the matter is under internal investigation by the sheriff’s department. The county says Special Deputies don’t get paid by the county, but they have law enforcement powers and can be used to handle special assignments.

Tuesday afternoon, a magistrate met behind closed doors trying to mediate the issues that led to the protection order.

The county says internal investigators need to talk to one more witness before they can wrap up their findings.