North Royalton police warn of fake power company worker going door to door

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NORTH ROYALTON, Ohio-- North Royalton police are warning residents that someone is going door to door claiming to be a power company worker.

The North Royalton Police Department posted on its Facebook page that on Friday morning, a person living on Akins reported that a man was banging on her front door. The man went through her open garage and was pounding on the breezeway door.

He claimed to be from The Illuminating Company and wanted to advise the resident that they would be working in the area replacing poles and she could lose power.

The resident told police she didn't think the man worked for The Illuminating Company. He was described as wearing a red flannel shirt and baseball hat; he was missing teeth and had an unshaven face.

He was driving a white work van.

Then, a similar report on Saturday. A resident on Edgerton Road said a man, claiming to be from The Illuminating Company, came into her home, picked her up out of bed and put her in her wheelchair. He claimed that new poles were going to be installed and he had to show her where the work would be done.

He was described as being in his 30s, clean shaven with brown hair and speaking with a southern accent; he was wearing brown pants and a brown shirt.  No vehicle was seen.

The Illuminating Company was contacted; they said they do not make notifications door to door and did not have any workers in the area.