Rudy Giuliani speaks at police union hall in Cleveland

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Rudy Giuliani hugging Steve Loomis

Rudy Giuliani hugging Steve Loomis

CLEVELAND, Ohio-- Rudy Giuliani arrived at the Cleveland police union hall Tuesday and hugged Police Union President Steve Loomis.

The former New York City Mayor was in Northeast Ohio as the Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association and the Ohio Fraternal Order of Police formally endorse Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Giuliani said he wanted to thank police here for how they handled the Republican National Convention in July.

"They handled it better here than any other city," Giuliani told Fox 8.

Black Lives Matter responded to the endorsement of Trump, saying, "Of all the candidates that have run for President of The United States, the only one ever endorsed by this police union happens to be the most polarizing candidate in decades - in a time of supposed efforts to reform and build public trust. It appears that Cleveland citizens are in the middle of a Hollywood “good cop/ bad cop” routine - with the City's Mayor, City Council, Law Director, and the Cleveland Division of Police (CDP) on one side and the CCPA on the other side."


As the press conference with Giuliani was wrapping up, a Lorain police officer, who was attending the event, had a medical emergency and collapsed. He was cared for by EMS and we are told he's doing fine.

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