East Cleveland without working ambulances over past weekend

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EAST CLEVELAND - Some people living and working in East Cleveland wonder if an ambulance will come when they call 9-1-1 because the community was without a working one for most of the weekend.

"From time to time, vehicles need to be repaired," said East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton. "Unfortunately, all of East Cleveland's ambulances were down at the same time, even our 2015 unit, which showed no sign of malfunctioning before it broke down."

Since the city had no working ambulances, they had to depend on mutual aid with other communities.

This weekend when the ambulances were broken, fire trucks also responded and EMS workers helped patients while they waited for ambulances from other communities to respond.

One ambulance was fixed Monday and should be back in operation Monday night.

East Cleveland's newest ambulance, the 2015 model, is currently being repaired by the manufacturer due to a vehicle power malfunction and should be back in service on Tuesday.
An ambulance donated by Mayfield Heights is being repaired by Mayfield Heights and will be returned to East Cleveland Tuesday, the mayor said.

Oakwood Village also donated an ambulance to East Cleveland Monday.

"I hope this doesn't happen again," said Dana Moreen, of East Cleveland.