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Edgewater Beach to get a makeover with brand new beach house

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CLEVELAND - Cleveland’s Edgewater Beach will have a new look by mid-2017.

The old beach concession has been demolished, having just been torn down within the last week.

This time next year, the view awaiting visitors who long ago grew accustomed to seeing the back end of a cinder block pavilion will change to a view of water, trees and sand.

“We worked very hard at creating flow and drop off points and focal points,” said Brian Zimmerman, Cleveland Metroparks CEO.

Zimmerman said great care was taken in developing a space that would serve greater Clevelanders for the next 100 years.

Artist renderings show what the new two-story beach house will look like as it sits on the south side of the sand next summer.

The second floor of the open air pavilion will connect to a bridge under the Cleveland Memorial Shoreway that leads to the West 76th street pedestrian tunnel and the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood beyond.

“As we turn into our 100 year celebration we are really taking our number from 12 minutes down under 10 minutes so people can have access to public recreation,” Zimmerman said of the plan to allow easier access to the beach.

Great care was taken in the positioning of the beach house to make the most of sunsets over the lake.

“We’re really working to get the best views to Lake Erie to see the most amazing sunsets,” said Zimmerman.

There will be a fire pit on the second floor of the beach house to allow for comfortable viewing on cool evenings. Food will also be served, although a menu has yet to be planned.

The gravel walkway that now flows from the picnic area down to the sand is part of a trail system that’s being improved. There are also plans for upgraded parking.