Mantua woman wins $3.4 million Queen of Hearts jackpot

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GARRETTSVILLE, OH -  Finally!!! A winner has been "crowned" in the now-famous Queen of Hearts raffle in Garrettsville.

Photo courtesy: Kris Burgan

Photo courtesy: Kris Burgan

Photo courtesy: Kris Burgan

Photo courtesy: Kris Burgan

Fox 8 is told that a woman from Mantua, Ohio took home the $3.4 million jackpot. The Queen finally was seen as card number 5 was turned over.

The winner of the 50/50 raffle took home around $150,000.

And two local charities, Portage County libraries and the Garrettsville Area Chamber of Commerce, shared in the charity prize of the remaining $150,000.

The Queen of Hearts raffle began about a year ago with 54 playing cards sealed face down on a board. Each week, one ticket was drawn.

Until this week, you would have to be present for the Sunday drawing to collect 90 percent of the jackpot. But after 15,000 people showed up on a past Sunday, and with a jackpot that kept growing, that rule was changed.

The game works like this:

54 cards are placed face down on a board and numbered on the back. People buy tickets for $5 each (or five for $20) and write their name and selected number on them.

Each week, one ticket is chosen from the giant barrel for the Queen of Hearts game. Whichever card number the person picked on the ticket is flipped over. If it’s the Queen of Hearts, the lucky person wins 90 percent of the jackpot while the other 10 percent rolls over for the next drawing.

A separate drawing also is held for a 50/50 raffle.

The winner of the 50/50 raffle takes home half the pot while the other half is donated to local charities.

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