Two accused of assaulting off-duty officer at downtown Cleveland bar

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Brian Brack and Destiny Dixon (Photo courtesy: Cleveland police)

CLEVELAND– Two people are facing charges after Cleveland police say they assaulted an off-duty officer at a bar Friday night.

It happened at about 11 p.m. at Panini’s Bar and Grill on Huron Road East in downtown Cleveland.

Workers at the bar alerted the off-duty officer, who was working security, about an underage woman drinking alcohol. The 42-year-old officer confronted the couple and that started an argument.

According to the police report, Brian Brack, 23, of Canton, stood up from his chair and was inches of away from the officer. The officer pushed Brack away, “attempting to form a safe reactive distance.”

That’s when Brack started punching the officer, police said. The pair fought and slammed into the front windows, breaking the glass. Once they reached the door, Brack fled.

Witnesses said the woman, 20-year-old Destiny Dixon, of Ravenna, was also hitting the officer during the fight. She was arrested at the scene.

Police eventually tracked down Brack on East 9th Street. They said he continued to run from officers so they used a Taser to subdue him. He was taken to MetroHealth Medical Center, where he was treated and released.

Brack faces charges of felonious assault on a police officer, vandalism, resisting arrest and criminal trespass.

A manager at Panini’s estimated the damage at $1,000.

The off-duty officer was taken to Lutheran Medical Center, where he received stitches on his arm and had a cut on his ear glued shut. Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association President Steve Loomis said he is expected to be OK.

“This is yet another vivid example of an incident that was escalated to violence by an uncooperative and violent suspect with zero respect for law and order,” Loomis said. “The arrested male and female were simply being asked to leave for an illegal ‘party foul’ without the ticket or arrest that could have been possible for their infractions. Youth, and a complete lack of respect for the law, the police and any type of authority has created this dangerous situation, not the officer that lawfully, professionally and respectfully responded to it.”

Loomis said he wishes the suspect would have simply followed the officer’s orders.

“They had a chance to walk away, however, they made the choice to stay and fight the police,” Loomis said. “They should have taken advantage of the earlier option A by simply walking away when told. There is no doubt option A would have kept them out of jail and our officer out of the hospital.”