Tearful reunion: Columbus police officer meets boy he saved 19 years ago

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COLUMBUS, OH - Officer James Poole thought he was doing an interview about his current job with the Columbus, Ohio police department.

But it was all a set up.

In reality, Officer Poole was about to be reunited with the boy he'd saved from drowning at a hotel pool 19 years ago.

That boy, Chris Jones, is now 24-years-old and the father of a little girl. Last month, he saw a Facebook posting that talked about Officer Poole and recognized him as the man who'd saved his life.

Poole's fellow officers conspired to make the reunion possible, with Jones telling Poole, "Because of you, I'm still here. Because of you, this 5-year-old girl is here."

They even invited Officer Poole's son, who is a brand-new Columbus police officer, to attend the very emotional - and beautiful - reunion.

Thanks to the Columbus Division of Police for posting about this wonderful moment!