Video shows people pointing guns at school bus in Canton

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CANTON, Ohio-- Video shows at least two people waving guns at a school bus as it was bringing students home on Thursday.

The video appears to show a boy with a handgun and a man with a rifle outside of an apartment as the Plain Township school bus approaches. It was posted to social media, generating strong reaction from those who saw it, including the mother of one of the students on the bus.

"When I watch the video, I see a young person holding what appears to me to be a real gun, pointing it at a bus full of kids," said the mother, who asked to have her identity concealed.

"It concerns me that that is potentially a real gun and he could harm my kid or any kid that's on that bus or any person anywhere," she added.

FOX 8 showed the video to Canton police on Friday.

Cpt. David Kurzinsky said the department did have calls about the incident, but claims they did not have enough information to be able to find the people involved.

"The average person would be very concerned about it, particularly with a school bus going by. That could create a panic for those kids, for the bus driver. (Sic) Could cause a lot of problems," Kurzinsky said.

From the video, he was not able to tell if the weapons are real or toys.

"Until you get the gun in your hands to examine it, that's the only time you can tell if it is real or not, if that's a toy gun, which hopefully it is. There needs to be some education there with kids about being careful with guns and who they point them at and what they look like," Kurzinsky told FOX 8.

When asked how he would react to the scene, Kurzinsky said without knowing if the guns were real or toys, he would take cover behind his vehicle, draw his own weapon. He said he would have no other choice, but to treat them as if they were real.

"If a police officer had arrived at the scene here and saw that and was far enough away to not be able to make the determination if that was a real firearm, the officer is going to look out for their own safety," Kurzinsky said.