Drivers say more parents are using Uber to get kids to school

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- Some parents in Michigan are turning to a new mode of transportation to get their children to school.

Fox 17 reports that some are calling Uber cars for their kids.

One driver said it's actually against the company's policy.

But parents use their own accounts to order the rides, the driver said, and it's hard to tell if the students are under 18 until they drop them off at a school.

"It puts liability on the driver," the driver said. "I feel it puts us in a sticky situation where if something happens, do you stop mid-trip and let them out, or do you take them back to where they are at? And if you let them out, and something happens to them, then you are responsible for their safety."

Uber told Fox 17 that insurance covers any passengers in the case of an accident. But such practices are against the company's policy, and the practice is a liability.

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