Did Isaiah Crowell ever donate his paycheck to the Dallas Fallen Officer’s Foundation?

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CLEVELAND - The Fox 8 I-Team is checking back on a promise from Browns running back Isaiah Crowell to donate his first game check this season to a fallen officer’s fund.

But the head of that group is telling Crowell to keep the money.

All of this the fallout came from a post on social media Crowell made months ago showing a graphic illustration of a police officer having his throat cut.

Crowell quickly took down the graphic, issued a public apology, and pledged to make a donation to the Dallas Fallen Officer’s Foundation. This summer 5 Dallas officers were murdered.

But Sgt. Demetrick Pennie, head of that Foundation, said, "He continually kept saying to me I want to donate the money. And I kept saying, ‘ Isaiah I don't want your money.’"

Pennie says Crowell did something more valuable than writing a check. He went to an officers funeral, spent time with cops and pledged to stay active with the group in the future.

Pennie said, "I can't even describe the type of emotion I feel when I see Isaiah, the message resonating with him, what service and sacrifice mean."

Again, Crowell did post an apology, saying, "I'm sorry, and I hope you understand that's not who I am.”

But Sgt. Pennie hopes he’ll continue to speak up in support of police especially with other NFL players not standing for the national anthem and protesting.

Fox 8 wanted to talk to Isaiah Crowell about all this for this story, but he left practice before we got a chance.

Sgt. Pennie says he still has regular conversations with Crowell, and Crowell is still insisting on making that donation. Pennie added, "I consider Isaiah my little brother, because this young man was willing to listen.”

We also sent questions about this to a Browns spokesman. Late Wednesday, he told us he still didn’t have answers for us.

The Browns played their first game last Sunday. NFL players get paid the Friday after a game.

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