Washington first grader sent home for not providing school with EpiPen

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KIRKLAND, Wash. - Nicholas Quezada was enjoying the second day of first grade when he was sent home.

According to KOMO, his school said he could not return unless he had an EpiPen for his peanut allergy.

Nicholas' parents had been treating his mild allergy with Benadryl, but the school said that wasn't enough. He either needed an EpiPen or a note from a doctor that he no longer had the allergy.

One problem, Nicholas is still allergic to peanuts.

“When the doctor told my wife the cost of the EpiPen, I flipped. I couldn't believe it,” said Nicholas' dad.

After working with insurance, the family got 4 EpiPens and had to give two to the school.

“This charade of having to fork over to pay this ransom, we’ll have to do it every year."

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