Man who held 3 South Amherst firefighters hostage sentenced

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LORAIN – A man who admitted to holding three South Amherst firefighters hostage for close to two hours has been sentenced to five years in prison.

Roy Griffith Jr. was sentenced Friday in the Lorain County Courtroom of Judge Michele Arredondo.

“I’m very sorry,” Griffith told the judge prior to sentencing.

The Lorain County Sheriff’s office said Griffith took the firefighters hostage after they responded to a brush fire at this home in October 2015.

Griffith’s attorney told the judge his client had mental issues and did not intend to harm anyone.

Assistant South Amherst Fire Chief Dennis Hevener, one of the victims, says he is so thankful that everyone involved in the hostage situation is OK.

"I wish he would have gotten more time, but I am glad it’s all over ," Hevener said. "In my 35 years, I never had anything like this happen to me."

Griffith plead guilty in July to kidnapping charges.

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