Growing push to stop teens from posting attack videos

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CLEVELAND-- The FOX 8 I-Team has obtained video that was posted online of a vicious beating outside a school. And this comes as a mother is speaking out about these kinds of videos, and the Cleveland Schools are taking action.

About a week ago, a 14-year-old girl was beaten across the street from East Tech High. A crowd gathered. It appears multiple people took part in the assault, and someone recorded it with a cell phone camera. The teen found, by the time she had been helped back to the school, the video had already been posted online.

These days, videos like that are constantly shared on the internet. And the mother of the teen in this case said,  "These kids, I call it the lost generation. Social media done took over."

Latisa Collins added, “They record everything, and they put it right on social media. And to me, that’s making fun of her.”

Cleveland Schools have tightened policies on kids using cell phones in school buildings partly to stop kids from posting videos of fights inside schools. That includes fake fights staged by students.

Of course, in this case, the fight happened across the street. But the school district says one of the kids getting punished recorded this fight with a cell phone.

The Cleveland Municipal School District says ten kids are facing discipline for the fight outside East Tech. That includes the teen who took the worst of the beating. The district believes what happened was planned at the school.

The teen thinks she was targeted by students jealous because of her involvement in school activities. The girl’s mom isn’t sure what it will take to stop fights and attacks getting posted online. But, she adds, things have gotten so out of hand, someone even posted a message saying this video could be bought.

Latisa Collins said, “Like being funny. In other words, they would buy the video. And I think that’s just horrible.”

The teen says the crowd finally scattered when someone fired a gunshot into the air.

The school district has forwarded its reports to the Cleveland Metropolitan Housing Authority Police for a criminal investigation.