Dress code update: Cheerleaders allowed to wear uniforms on spirit days

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SULLIVAN, Ohio-- Cheerleaders at Black River Schools will be allowed to wear their uniforms today and on other school spirit days.

The school district says the uniforms are compliant with the dress code.

The change comes after the girls were told they were not allowed to wear them to class because the skirts were too short.

The school released the following statement on its website:

"Our high school cheerleaders were recently restricted from wearing their uniforms on school spirit days. We apologize for that error, as the uniforms are compliant with the current dress code and cheerleaders will be allowed to wear them on game days and on spirit days. We encourage our students to show their pirate pride on spirit days, as long as their outfits are compliant with the standards set forth by the dress code and the school board. The schools will continue to enforce codes set forth by the school board and will make considerations on a case by case basis."

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