Series of car break-ins in downtown Cleveland parking lots

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CLEVELAND-- The FOX 8 I-Team discovered a series of crimes carried out by thieves in downtown Cleveland parking lots. Mostly, victims say crooks have broken into cars, but in one case, wheels were stolen off of a car.

We even found Cleveland police officers on foot patrol trying to address the problem.

Several co-workers at a downtown business told the I-Team they all had been victimized, some more than once. They park at different surface lots on the near east side, not far from the FBI building.

They shared with us pictures of car windows smashed. Thieves rummaged through the vehicles looking for valuables, even loose change.

Meantime, a law enforcement source said this week he helped a woman who'd left work at the Cuyahoga County Justice Center. She went to a nearby parking lot and found wheels stolen off of her vehicle.

The lots we checked had no attendants on duty. Attendants did stop by one lot while we were there, and a man told us workers try to chase away folks just hanging around.

When we've seen this kind of problem before, police have recommended locking up and making sure to hide all valuables. But some of those victims we met said following that guideline didn't deter thieves.

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