Video shows suspects busting windows of Cleveland store with bats

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CLEVELAND-- The FOX 8 I -Team obtained video showing suspects with baseball bats trying to break the windows of a cell phone store. It comes as another nearby phone store outsmarted some thieves.

Two cases showing how dangerous that business can be.

The latest incident happened at West 136th and Lorain Avenue in Cleveland. The store owner said he just put in Plexiglass and cameras because his windows had been broken.

Yet security video shows three people with baseball bats and even a brick trying to smash their way inside. One person also destroys one of the cameras.

Meantime, not far away at a phone store near Warren and Triskett roads, thieves broke a large window. They smashed through a doorway and then they held up the place at gunpoint.

An employee gave the thieves a phone with a tracking device. That helped police make one arrest.

Earlier this year, surveillance video also showed armed robbers barge into a phone store on the east side. A clerk grabbed a gun from one suspect and he chased them. One fired a shot as he took off.

"It gets old. You got people who work hard just to make ends meet. Then while you're sleeping, you got people who just come and break windows, break windows," Montell Cargill said.