Woman follows accused hit-and-driver after deadly crash in Cleveland

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CLEVELAND--  This week, investigators indicted a woman for a deadly hit-and-run accident, and they did it with the help of a witness who jumped into action.

Victoria Jackson is telling her story to the FOX 8 I-Team.

An indictment for aggravated vehicular homicide and more has been filed against Porsha Harris.

Jackson said she saw a car speed up behind her, then pass her on the right while driving near E. 71st and Superior in Cleveland.

Then she heard a noise and saw a motorcycle roll by with no rider.  That's when she realized the other car had hit the motorcycle. And when that car sped off, Victoria Jackson followed.

She even ran a red light making sure she got close enough to get a license plate and description for police.

Cleveland accident investigators used that information to track down the suspect and her car.

The accident killed Shani Dizard.

The suspect will go to county court soon to begin defending herself against the charges.

Jackson said she did what she did because she was thinking about the victim's family, and she hopes someone would do the same for her family, if necessary, someday.