Wildwater Kingdom announces that it will close after this season

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AURORA - Wildwater Kingdom announced on Friday that they will not be reopening after the 2016 season.

The last day of operation will be September 5.

“It’s sad,” said Betsy Bertovish, “It’s just like going through the whole Geauga Lake thing all over again.”
Geauga Lake Amusement Park and Sea World which had been combined into a mega park after being purchased by Six Flags was eventually closed in 2007.

The amusement park released the following statement about the closure:

Cedar Fair Entertainment Company has announced that Wildwater Kingdom water park in Aurora, Ohio, will not reopen after the 2016 season. Its final day of operation will be Monday, September 5.

Cedar Fair has been working cooperatively with both Bainbridge Township and the City of Aurora to redevelop the entire property into what will best benefit the surrounding communities. After examining its long-range plans, Cedar Fair has determined that the time is right to begin this transition and will continue to work together with community leadership in the positive future development of the property.

Cedar Fair would like to thank the residents of Northeast Ohio for supporting Wildwater Kingdom each summer.

Cedar Fair has not released a reason for the impending closure, but Aurora Mayor Ann Womer-Benjamin says she wasn’t entirely surprised when she was informed Friday afternoon.
“Watching the park traffic, we certainly knew perhaps eventually it was going to close,” said Womer-Benjamin.
However, future plans for the property are already being discussed. The land which sits in both the city of Aurora and Bainbridge Twp. has been rezoned for mixed use.
Both communities have been working with Cedar Fair on potential development for the site.
“I think we have a really positive collective vision of what the property should be,” said Womer-Benjamin, “with retail, restaurants and a boardwalk.”
Many ideas are also being considered that would preserve some of the remaining historical elements like using wood from the old roller coasters to create the boardwalk.