U.S. swimmer will pay $10K fine to leave Brazil after robbery scandal

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RIO DE JANEIRO — The lawyer for U.S. Olympic swimmer James Feigen says he will pay more than $10,000 today and then leave Brazil following the robbery scandal involving he, Ryan Lochte and two other members of the U.S. swim team.

The attorney says an agreement was reached with a Brazilian judge that Feigen will donate the money to an “institution” and then leave the country.

The lawyer says under Brazilian law, a donation can be made to avoid criminal prosecution for minor offenses.

Feigen’s teammates Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger left Brazil last night after giving testimony to police.

Police say the four swimmers had not been held at gunpoint, as Lochte initially claimed. Instead, Brazilian police say the athletes were drunk, vandalized a bathroom at a gas station, and then were questioned by armed guards before they paid for the damage and left.

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