New way to remove those orange barrels in construction zones

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CLEVELAND, Ohio-- As drivers, we've probably all had our fill of the orange barrels at multiple construction zones this summer.

Still, when the work is done, and it's time to remove those barrels, ODOT says workers can be in danger.

"One of the most dangerous aspects of our job is setting up and removing work zones so close to moving traffic," ODOT says.

But now, there are new methods designed to curb the danger.

SkyFOX captured one of them from the air on Friday morning. The video showed an arm attached to the back of a truck slinging the barrels behind the truck and onto the berm - away from the traffic.

"I think it's a great idea," says driver, Walter Stewart, "(it's) common sense safety."

In addition, ODOT says its Toledo office has developed a system where truck operators can pick up or set down the barrels without getting out of the truck.
"Anything that's being moved away from the traffic is a safety benefit," says driver Didier Chironi.

And, of course, once all the barrels are gone, that means only one thing's ahead: winter.