Investigation launched after illegal dumping discovery in Cleveland

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CLEVELAND-The FOX 8 I-TEAM has found a massive clean-up underway along with a criminal investigation that puts a spotlight on the incredibly difficult fight against illegal dumping.

This week crews with the city of Cleveland spent hours hauling away truckloads of trash and debris from a widespread area around East 97 and Meech.

That clean-up was sparked by an investigation involving the Environmental Crimes Task Force, a special unit involving the Cleveland Police and the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Dept.

The Task Force found construction debris, tires, furniture, clothing, appliances and other trash. Much of it piled high.

Now, crew are hauling away much of what was left there, hoping to put an end to the dumping and finding some of the people to blame for it.

The Environmental Crimes Unit has been filing criminal charges in many cases tied to illegal dumping.

The Unit is also working with the city to establish a rapid-response clean-up crew to deal with dumpsites that need more urgent attention.