Ohio State Troopers injured after crashing into each other while pursuing drunk driver

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EATON TOWNSHIP - Two Ohio State Highway Patrolmen crashed into one another while pursuing a suspected drunk driver earlier this month.

"It was a mess. You had one officer that climbed out of his car and was sitting on some rocks and he wasn't moving real well," said Rachel Ewell, who was first on the scene of the crash.

The accident happened August 2 in Eaton Township in Lorain County. OSHP officials say the patrolmen were driving on Durkee Road when Robert Steele sped past.

A state trooper attempted to turn his cruiser around to join the pursuit by pulling into a driveway; while backing up, he was hit by the second patrolman's cruiser.

"Then you had another officer who was stumbling around," said Ewell. "You could tell he was kind of in shock."

Ewell says she spotted Steele passed out, slumped over in his truck at the intersection of Island and Royalton Road near her business, Rachel's Diner. She says other motorists passed Steele, who was blocking traffic until a motorcyclist pounded on Steele's window waking him up, urging him to go home.

Instead Steele took off; Ewell was driving not too far behind keeping an eye on him while calling police.

"He didn't look good. He was like a ping-pong ball across the road," said Ewell.

A witness says one trooper had a cut on his head; another may have suffered a neck injury. Steele was later arrested thanks to Ewell who wrote down his license plate number and alerted authorities.

"It's your job as a human to stop and help," said Ewell. "It's just the way it should be."