Local mother angry after her 5-year-old was dropped off at the wrong bus stop

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CLEVELAND - A local mother is demanding answers from the Cleveland Metropolitan School District after her daughter was dropped off at a wrong bus stop three miles away from home.

Monday was 5-year-old Arianna Chipman's first day of school at Buhrer Dual Language School in Cleveland.

"She was really nervous, she was not ready to go back to school," said Elizabeth Chipman, mother.

After school, her parents were on their way to pick her up when they got a shocking call.

"Before we even got there, I get a phone call from a mother asking us if we had sent Arianna to her house. We said, 'what do you mean?' She says, 'I have Arianna here,'" said Chipman.

Chipman says the bus driver had asked Arianna where she lived. Arianna told her she didn't know.

So, Chipman says the bus driver dropped Arianna off with a 10-year-cousin at West 117th Street near Halloran Park.

The girls apparently walked back to the cousin's house.

That's when the girl's mother searched Arianna's bookbag and found Elizabeth's number.

"I felt anger, relief that she was okay. But I was angry. First thing I did was call the school before everyone left," said Chipman.

Chipman claims she told Arianna's teacher at Open House that Arianna was to be a car-rider.

However, Chipman acknowledges she was running late to pick Arianna up on Monday.

"How did she end up on the bus? How did she end up miles and miles away from home by herself? Her information is in her bookbag. I'm just trying to figure out what happened," said Chipman.

"The district is investigating the complaint to determine why the child was able to exit the bus at the wrong stop on the first day of school. The fact that she did so with a trusted relative does not excuse the need for drivers to follow established protocols for safe transport of students to their designated drop off location," said the Cleveland Metropolitan School District in a statement Wednesday.

According to CMSD's website, school bus drop-off protocol is that if there is no one there to meet at student at their assigned spot, the bus driver is to take the student back to their designated school.