‘Is that a Steelers…?!’ Michael Phelps shuts down reporter wearing Steelers gear

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RIO — We’ve learned a lot about Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps the last few weeks.

One of those things? Don’t wear Steelers gear if you want him to answer you.

During a press conference aired by ESPN, a reporter asked him a question — and Phelps focused in on what he was wearing.

“Is that a Steelers….oh man! Golly!,” said Phelps, who is from Baltimore.

He then spots a reporter wearing Ravens gear.

“There’s some Ravens. Man, Steelers,” he said shuddering and laughing.

Later he said while he’s a Ravens fan, he can appreciate their competition with the Steelers, according to Cincinnati.com.

“I always think we’re going to beat Pittsburgh.  But I think one of the cool things about that is we always play each other really hard. As much as I’m not a Steelers fan, the games are really exciting. We get a lot of intense hits.”

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