August 17, 2016

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Hollywood & Dine

It’s the United States largest crop and it’s in season! We’re talking corn! David celebrated the veggie by making Corn Chowder.

Click here for his recipe.

Narducci’s Bakery

They’ve got brownies to die for, sweet tarts, cannoli cakes, and even pizza! We took you inside Narducci’s Bakery.

You can find them at the corner of Route 82 and Broadview Road.

What’s in Season

The celebration of corn continued with Craig Sirna from Sirna’s Farm & Market! From picking them, to cleaning them, to cooking them, we showed you the tips and tricks you’ll need to know.

The Arcadian Restaurant

If you’re in the mood for sustainable seafood, American fare, and some delicious craft cocktails, we have the place for you! We took you inside The Arcadian and welcomed Bar Manager, Jeffrey Rowe to the kitchen to whip us up some original drinks.

5 Reasons Your Getting Wrinkles

Do you feel like you’re getting more wrinkles? Age might not be to blame! We welcomed Dr. Melissa Piliang, Dermatologist at The Cleveland Clinic, to share 5 reasons you might be seeing more lines.

Common Threads

There’s a brand new store in Northeast Ohio that not only offers great merchandise, but also helps those less fortunate right here in our community. That’s resale done right! We took you to Common Threads.

You can find them on Lorain Road in Fairview Park.