Wild turkeys stopping people in their tracks in Westlake

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WESTLAKE, Ohio-- Wild turkeys are causing trouble in Westlake.

"They control traffic on this road; they do," said Cyndy Schwan. "I mean they will make people stop. Which is a good thing because they go too fast."

Schwan said the turkeys hang out on Cahoon Road just off Detroit near Crocker Park. Westlake Police said they get calls from people complaining about the turkeys. However, they are glad the turkeys are helping drivers slow down.

"We hear about them; we get calls saying we can't get down the road," said Captain Guy Turner of Westlake Police. "In fact this morning our officer said the turkeys were more effective than our radar at slowing traffic down."

Schwan said last summer 17 turkeys were born in her backyard. She told FOX 8 she suspects the turkeys that tie up traffic are the same ones from the year before.

"They roost in the [backyard] trees; it's almost unbelievable," said Schwan. "They run and they look like an airplane and zoom up and they're up there. You wouldn't think a large bird could be held up by those branches but they are."

Police said they have not received reports of turkeys damaging property; however, they warn wild animals should not be approached.

"We have heard people who thought it was funny to chase the turkeys and had the tables turn on them," said Captain Turner. "They learned their lesson."