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Mom makes headlines for stance on children’s sleepovers

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How do you decide when to let your child attend a sleepover?

One mom, Janel Mills, is making headlines for her stance.

She says she generally won’t let her daughters sleep over at a friend’s house unless it’s at the home of a small circle of trusted family and friends.

Recently, her third grader wanted to sleep over at the home of a friend she’d never met. She said ‘no.’

Now, the girl just got an invitation for a birthday party sleepover for a friend that the parents never heard mentioned before.

She told her daughter she could attend the party for a few hours, but she wasn’t allowed to sleep over.

Her daughter was not happy, but her parents held firm on their decision.

She writes:

“I’m not saying that my girls will never know the joy of waking up someone else’s parents at 2 a.m. from laughing too loudly while watching “Grease” and figuring out what the lyrics of “Greased Lightning” actually mean. What I’m saying is, at their current ages (under 13), I do not trust my children to be able to discern between appropriate and inappropriate adult (or teenage) behavior. Until I feel like they can, I don’t feel comfortable letting them sleep over at just any friend’s house.”

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