‘It starts kid by kid’: LeBron James talks importance of community at Family Foundation Reunion

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SANDUSKY, Ohio-- LeBron James continues to give back to his community in a big way. Tuesday night, he was at Cedar Point for the We Are Family Reunion. Thousands of students who benefit from his foundation were there, as well.

The Cavs star took the stage to welcome a brand new class of 3rd graders into the Wheels for Education program as they kick off a new school year.

They gave a promise that they would graduate college and be a part of the community that LeBron has loved so much.

LeBron talked about how strongly he believes in community. "It starts brick by brick... family by family, kid by kid, using our resources, our strength to build up our communities," he said.

The basketball player said this event is always the greatest night for him; another great night, he said, was in Golden State-- Game 7-- where, of course, the Cavs won it all!

**Watch Melissa Reid's Facebook LIVE below, to hear everything LeBron had to say. Note: LeBron takes the stage at about 25 minutes in.