Above the call of duty: Officers take family under wings after mom is killed in crash

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MOBILE COUNTY, Ala. — The Mobile Police Department and the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office are going beyond the call of the duty to help take care of the Tennessee family that was saved from a deadly car crash.

WALA reports that 26-year-old Amanda Murley was driving home to Memphis from vacationing in Florida when another car swerved and struck her vehicle head on. It happened on Highway 45, about ten miles north of Mobile.

Murley died at the scene. Her fiancé, Memphis Police Officer Tony Vuong, her two-year-old son Tanner, her sister Brittany Moses, and her two-year-old nephew Drake all went to USA Medical Center.

A group of people who witnessed the crash helped pull the family out of the car before it caught fire.

FOX10 News Reporter Devan Coffaro sat down with Murley’s family. They all traveled far from home and are spending every single day at the USA Medical Center.

“She was probably the happiest person you’ve ever seen… always happy.,” said Gregory Cobble, Amanda’s stepfather.

For Cobble, driving from Memphis to Mobile was the longest six hours of his life. The entire family has been in Mobile for a week far away from their homes, but Cobble said they’ve had a warm welcome.

“The Mobile Police Department and the Mobile Sheriff’s Department has went above and beyond,” said Cobble.

Mobile Police Sergeant Jeffrey Hilburn has been the hospital every day.

“All their belongings and clothes and everything was lost in the fire in the car. We were able to, through donations, to get diapers and clothes for the kids,” said Hilburn. “We’ve been taking them lunch thanks to donations from local businesses. We were able to get them rooms at the Marriott with the Marriott’s help. I wouldn’t want to believe what they’re growing through. That’s why we’re trying to take a little bit of the burden off of them.”

With flyers on every precinct in Mobile and donations collected every day, Sergeant Hilburn said it’s part of the “Thing Blue Line Fishing Organization,” a group of officers that helps take care of its own.

“That’s what the thin blue line is about – it’s that we’re connected no matter where we are,” said Hilburn in reference to Murley’s fiancé, Officer Tony Vuong. “Whether you’re in Memphis of you’re in Mobile, it doesn’t matter. That thin blue line, you’re family.”

In addition to the donations, the Mobile County Sheriff’s office is also helping. Detectives were able to save parts of Murley’s cell phone from the burnt car just so they could save the photos from the family’s last vacation together.

“Nothing is ever going to repair what we go through, but it sure helps to know that so many people care,” said Cobble with tears in his eyes.

In these tough moments, it’s hard to find the good. While this family’s life may never be the same, Cobble said they now have another family to be thankful for.

“Now we can call the city of Mobile our family.”

Mobile Police are also trying to raise money among their officers for the family’s travel expenses back to Memphis and for Amanda’s funeral.