Dash cam shows Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper being hit by car

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GEAUGA COUNTY – The Ohio State Highway Patrol has released the dash cam footage from an accident involving one of their troopers.

Last Friday, Sgt. Jim Smith was struck by a car during a traffic stop around 11 a.m. on U.S. 322.

The driver hit the patrol car, the trooper and the car the trooper had originally pulled over.

Sgt. Smith was taken to a local hospital in serious condition, but his injuries ended up being minor and he was released from the hospital later that day.

Charges are pending against the driver who struck him.

In the Facebook post, the OSHP also shared a warning about moving over when you see an officer on the side of the road:

All drivers should move over to an adjacent lane when approaching any vehicle with flashing or rotating lights parked on the roadside, according to Ohio law. If moving over is not possible due to traffic or weather conditions, or because a second lane does not exist, motorists should slow down and proceed with caution.