Akron police looking for ‘brazen’ serial robber

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AKRON, Ohio - A man described by police as a brazen serial robber has struck again.

Video from a daylight robbery at a South Arlington Street dollar store shows an image that seems very familiar to investigators trying to solve a string of holdups in recent weeks.

The image shows two customers at the counter when a man dressed in dark clothing comes into the store flashing a gun.

He pushes the two customers aside and demands money.

He should already know police are looking for him after as many as a dozen previous armed holdups.

"It appears to be the same suspect entering the stores light complected black male, always has his face covered with either a bandana or some type of article of clothing goes in demands money and out the door he goes," said Akron Police Lieutenant Rick Edwards.

In a previous holdup cameras caught not only his image but also his voice.

Even though his gun has not yet been fired during any of the crimes investigators are concerned that if they don't stop him the daring daylight holdups, which are carried out while the stores are busy, could put customers, employees and even the gunman himself at risk.

"At this point he's just going in and robbing them; no shots have been fired, nobody has been injured but if somebody, if a customer had said the wrong thing or the clerk it could escalate so at this point we are asking for information. If anybody can help identify to get this criminal off the streets," said Edwards.