RNC chairman Reince Priebus on Donald Trump: ‘He’s about as nice as it gets’

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CLEVELAND - RNC chairman Reince Priebus was on Fox 8 just hours before his speech on the closing night of the Republican National Convention.

Priebus said the first big step for Donald Trump is to make sure he looks presidential. He said that if the people can picture him in the White House, it will work out much better for him.

He added that although Ohio governor John Kasich has not made an appearance, Donald Trump did give him the opportunity.

"Working with the Trump campaign is not really that difficult."

"Trump himself, actually I'll just tell you, privately,  he's about as nice as it gets."

He added that Cleveland has been better than expected for a lot of visitors.

"The fact that we've been welcomed with such open arms is noticeable."

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