Trump did not have permission to use “We Are The Champions” Monday at RNC

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CLEVELAND - It was a huge (to quote a certain candidate) moment Monday night during the Republican National Convention: presumptive nominee Donald Trump walked onstage to the iconic Queen song "We Are The Champions." (A song Clevelanders have heard a lot lately - for a very good reason. #Allin216.)

The only problem was, according to a rep for  Sony Music ATV, Trump didn't have permission to use the song. TMZ reports that the campaign never even asked. 

In fact, the group released a statement on Twitter. Seems they weren't very happy about the whole thing.

Trump also used the song last month, prompting Queen band member Brian May to state that he'd never give permission for the song to be used in a political nature.

It isn't known yet if Sony ATV will take any legal action over the use of the song.

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