RNC hosts party to welcome visitors to Cleveland

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CLEVELAND - Thousands of people gathered at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on Sunday for a welcome party for the Republican National Convention.

There were fireworks, music and more to help welcome people to the City of Cleveland.

"We just got here; it's really nice. I mean this is a big city; I'm from a little town where we don't even have a stoplight," said Elaine Shoman from New Mexico.

Jennifer Kramer, spokesperson for Cleveland 2016 Host Committee, said tonight was a big deal and a night everyone has been waiting for.

"There has been a lot of hard work that has gone into putting this event on the week and this is kind of our celebration too and we are ready to welcome the world."

With an event like the RNC kicking off on Monday, this party was just the start to quite a memorable week.

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