Protesters take to the streets of Cleveland ahead of the RNC

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CLEVELAND - Representatives from the Convention of Oppressed were in Cleveland on Saturday to speak out about Donald Trump and his stance on police brutality.

"What we've said is enough is enough, it`s time for black unity, black solidarity, to working together for the interest of the community and the interest of the people," said James Evans.

James Muhammad from Black Educators for Justice says he came from Jacksonville, Florida to work with other African Americans to create a platform that will drive the national conversation.

:All across the country we see black men being shot down, unarmed by police, we see there's an increase in violence in the black community, we see unemployment at a phenomenal rate."


Bobby Price of the New Black Panthers says he traveled from Augusta, Georgia to ensure the black community isn't left out of the political process.

"I think the Republican Party has to really grow up and question whether our future in America and you`ve got to make room on your team for all Americans."

Cleveland Councilman Zack Reed says the message promoted by the Convention of the Oppressed needs to be heard, given Donald Trump`s selection of Indiana Governor Mike Pence as a Vice Presidential running mate.

"One individual who clearly does not like Muslims and another individual who signed one of the most discriminatory bills against the LGBT community in the history of America."

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