More than 700 officers sworn in on Saturday for the RNC

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CLEVELAND - More than 700 officers from around the nation were sworn in on Saturday for the duties they will perform this week during the Republican National Convention.

They are part of a force that easily numbers in the thousands who will guard Cleveland, the convention, as well as protesters, during this week's convention.

"We have to over-plan," said Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams, following the second swearing-in ceremony held at Case Western Reserve University.

Deputy Chief Ed Tomba would not disclose the exact number of officers who have come to Cleveland from around the nation.

But both he and Chief Williams indicated the size of the force is large enough to handle any task that may present itself.

"We are welcoming this event to our city," Tomba said of the RNC.

He said protesters' rights to demonstrate will be protected, but that "lawlessness will not be tolerated."

More than 300 officers, mostly from California, but with some from Pittsburgh, were sworn in this afternoon.

Earlier, a slightly larger group comprised of officers from around Ohio also took the oath.

They will join officers who are coming to Cleveland from many states, including Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Utah, Virginia, and New Jersey.

Tomba said people could expect to start seeing some of the officers deployed as early as Saturday night, with a larger police presence certainly visible by Sunday - the day before the convention begins.