Republican National Committee discusses ‘bound delegates’

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CLEVELAND-- The conversation on whether GOP delegates are bound to vote for a particular candidate continued as the Republican National Committee summer meeting on WEdnesday.

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus made it clear to delegates if they don't stick together as a party, they'll have to get used to saying "President Hillary Clinton."

It's expected some members of the convention rules committee will push for an amendment that will allow delegates to vote their conscience if they are not in favor of nominating Donald Trump. The RNC's general counsel issued his own warning to delegates.

"You have all undoubtedly received emails that begin with the sentenced, 'No delegate is bound.' That's not true. As I said yesterday in my report to the rules committee, the rules of the Republican Party both permit and require the binding of delegates," John Ryder, general counsel, said.

The convention rules committee can make recommendations, but it will be up to all 168 members to make the final decision.

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