Plenty of bars, restaurants open in downtown Cleveland during the RNC

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CLEVELAND - With the RNC just days away, many are wondering if there is anywhere people can go for dinner and drinks that isn't booked for the convention.

"My roommate and I live downtown. We did not rent out our place so we will be here for the RNC," said Queenie, a local blogger.

Queenie writes a local blog called 'Martinis and Pipedreams' and she is taking out the guesswork for you.

"I got on the phone and called every single bar and restaurant in downtown Cleveland and surprisingly, the great majority of them are open and open until 4 am," said Queenie.

Queenie compiled a comprehensive list of every bar and restaurant downtown and categorized them by area.

"I think this list is just a great representation of what Cleveland has to offer. It's so different, it's so diverse," said Queenie.

"We have been adding staff, making sure we are prepared. We've definitely been all hands on deck," said Scott Bassett, GM of Winking Lizard at the Galleria.

The Winking Lizard is among the restaurants that will have all locations open during the RNC.

"We will have our Copley location, Beachwood, Independence, Gateway and Galleria open until 4 am that week," said Bassett.

They've even developed a late night RNC menu.

"With all the delegates staying in the hotels near those locations, we give those delegates a place to eat, enjoy, relax after all those long meetings," said Bassett.