I-Team: Cleveland to allow camping at city park during RNC

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CLEVELAND - The Fox 8 I-Team is asking new questions about camping for protesters at Kirtland Park during the Republican National Convention.

Cleveland’s Board of Control Wednesday approved special rules to allow camping during Convention week. However, city leaders were vague when we pressed for specifics about how people camping would be protected.

Map courtesy: City of Cleveland

Map courtesy: City of Cleveland

Activist John Penley arrived in Cleveland Wednesday. He had been pushing for the camping. But he says now he won’t go because he doesn’t know how the city will keep the peace between people of widely varying viewpoints.

Penley said, “One of the prime reasons that I'm afraid is this group Bikers for Trump has made public statements that they're coming to Cleveland to be some kind of back-up for the Cleveland Police Department. And I'm worried that they may be camping there. It's just such a potentially dangerous situation."

Click here for a list of the proposed camping regulations.

We asked Rick Horvath from the City Law Department about security at the park.

He said, “The use of the park is on a first come, first serve basis, just like any other park that's available during the Convention down there."

We followed up by asking if the city will have officers stationed there, or will they just be called when there’s trouble? " Horvath answered, "We're not commenting on the security plan for the Convention."

The mayor’s office says the city will provide porta-potties at the park for people camping.

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