Donald Trump’s vice president search leads to stop in Indiana

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INDIANAPOLIS– GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump made the most of his time in Indiana with three high-profile meetings, as his search for a vice president narrows.

The businessman and his family visited Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, who many think is the likely choice for a running mate. Trump also met with former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrinch and Sen. Jeff Sessions, of Indiana.

“I’m narrowing it down. I’m at three, potentially four, but in my own mind I probably am thinking about two,” Trump said.

“Nothing was offered, nothing was accepted,” Pence said.

On Tuesday, Trump spoke over the phone with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

“Donald is a really good friend. Donald and Melania are both good friends and he’s been very kind to me and supportive. It’s always great to have Donald Trump talking about you because Donald Trump is as good a salesman as anybody,” Christie said.