Cleveland police union head accepts Crowell’s apology after promise of donation

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CLEVELAND --  A day after threatening to pull police officers from providing security at the Browns' home games, the president of Cleveland's police union says he now accepts Browns player Isaiah Crowell's apology.

Crowell has been under fire since posting to Instagram a graphic illustration of a police officer having his throat cut. The Browns previously said Crowell quickly regretted the post and instantly took it down.

Since, he’s apologized in a statement released through the Browns and also personally apologized to Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams.

Steve Loomis had also asked for Crowell to make a  personal apology and to give a donation to the survivors of the victims in the Dallas police shooting.

Early Wednesday morning, Crowell posted a video apology on Facebook and said he would give his first game check to the victims' families.

**To watch that apology, click here**

"I said that we will give Isaiah an opportunity to do the right thing. Public apology in person and a check to Dallas," Loomis said Wednesday. "If he did not take that opportunity than we would expect Browns to sanction him and send the check to Dallas.  If the Browns did not sanction him, we would expect the NFL to sanction the Browns and send the check to Dallas.

If none of that happened we would take the steps necessary to ensure our point was made.  Certainly pulling police officers from the Browns and other NFL stadiums was mentioned and would be reality given the overwhelming and public support of our position by national state and local safety force and labor unions."

Loomis said the union sent letters to the Browns and the NFL Tuesday.

"Hope this helps bring folks together and not further the divide," Loomis said. "We appreciate and accept Isiah Crowell's public and personal apology and offering as a tremendous first step in attempting to bridge a very dangerous divide between some Americans and the Law Enforcement Officers attempting with all their heart to keep everyone ( themselves included) as safe as possible."

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