He wasn’t supposed to live past 2, but now he’s celebrating his 30th birthday

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What an incredible journey life has been for Dallan Cloward.

He was born on August 12, 1986 and only weighed 3.5 pounds. His doctor said he wouldn’t live more than two years.

According to 12 News, he is celebrating his 30th birthday next month.

“I still so remember thinking, ‘I can’t get too attached because it will hurt more when we lose him,'” Chad told 12 News in an email. “Then after a day or two of thinking that — it hit me — that if I don’t give him every ounce of love I can, I will regret that for my entire life once he passes.”

Dallan has Wolf-Hirshorn Syndrome, a developmental disorder that has no cure. It occurs 1 in about 50,000 births.

His parents said he can’t communicate well, but you can tell if he’s really enjoying something.

Although it has been a long journey, his family is grateful for all the time they have.

They plan on a 6-week adventure to celebrate Dallan’s big day.

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