Mom speaks out after her son with Down syndrome was only child excluded from party

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One mother is hoping that things will change in the future after her son wasn’t invited to a classmates party.

Jennifer Kiss-Engele posted on Facebook after her son Sawyer, who has Down syndrome, was the only person in his class that did not get a birthday party invitation.

According to CBS News, she wanted her post to be a “teachable moment.”

She said that she knows Sawyer won’t be invited to everyone’s party, but being the only one excluded is not fair.

Kiss-Engele wrote, “I am sorry that you are not informed, maybe scared, or uncertain about what it means to have Down Syndrome. I know if you knew more about Down Syndrome you wouldn’t have made this decision. I am not mad at you. Rather, I think this is an opportunity for you to get to know my son better.”

Just one day after posting, there were hundreds of comments, many from other parents who have children with special needs and said they understood how Kiss-Engele felt.