What a ride! Delly heads to Cedar Point after Cavs score NBA Championship

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Courtesy: Cedar Point

SANDUSKY, Ohio– Some of the players may have continued partying; LeBron told fans in Akron that he was going to take a nap, but one Cavs NBA Champ went to Cedar Point after returning home to Cleveland!

Matthew Dellavedova aka Delly posted on social media Monday night that he had an awesome time with family at the park.

“Had an awesome time with the family at @CedarPoint tonight – thanks for taking care of us! 🎢”

Tuesday morning, Cedar Point tweeted out a photo of Delly on the Millennium Force.

“How does an NBA Champ celebrate a big win? A ride on Millennium Force, of course, of course! Congrats !”

The Cleveland Cavaliers arrived home Monday afternoon to a huge welcome from thousands of fans, after bringing the city its first championship in decades.

The party continues with a parade and rally beginning Wednesday at 11 a.m. outside of the Q. Follow the latest updates here.

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