Richard Jefferson shows off Cavaliers’ championship trophy puzzle

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CLEVELAND– The Cleveland Cavaliers’ championship run was well-documented, thanks in part to the Snapchat skills of Richard Jefferson.

Cavs trophy puzzle

(Via RJeff24)

On Tuesday, he took to his go-to social media outlet to show fans the team’s little secret: a puzzle of the Larry O’Brien trophy.

After each postseason win, one of the team’s 15 players would put a new piece into place.

“Everybody got a piece…┬áIt’s still wet. It’s still got champagne,” he said on Snapchat as he picked up one of the pieces. But there were 16 parts to this puzzle for the 16 necessary playoff victories.

“The last piece of the puzzle was T. Lue’s and it was the state of Ohio,” Jefferson said. “So beautiful.”

According to ESPN, James Jones came up with the puzzle, which was kept hidden

“We needed something to bring us together,” said Jones, who started in the NBA in 2003. “Every guy was a piece. We assembled this team. So we had to assemble the puzzle.”

You can follow Jefferson on Snapchat at RJeff24.

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