I TEAM: Did Cleveland’s 9-1-1 system hold up during Cavs celebration?

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CLEVELAND - The FOX 8 I TEAM is investigating Cleveland’s 9-1-1 system after the city took in double the normal number of calls Sunday night as the city celebrated the Cavs NBA title.

The system did not crash as it has done recently with technical problems, however, many callers received a recorded message saying operators were busy with other emergencies.

We received nearly twenty 9-1-1 calls transferred to the city from county dispatchers. Almost every one of those led to several unanswered rings and the message. The callers were asked to stay on the line.

Overall, the city says it received 1700 9-1-1 calls Sunday night into Monday morning.

The I TEAM investigated because the system has repeatedly gone down. In one recent case, a family had someone drive to a fire station to get an ambulance for a man. He later died.

The city says the system “ran slow” with the heavy volume, but it kept running this time.

The I TEAM has learned Cuyahoga County is speeding up technical tweaking of the system to give it more capacity to take in calls and back-ups in case lines fail. Those improvements should now be done by the time of the Republican National Convention.

The police union blames what happened Sunday night on the city not having enough dispatchers on duty.

Late Tuesday, we reached out to the city for comment and an explanation.

A review of the ambulance calls Sunday night showed most came from downtown and the Flats. The reasons included medical emergencies, gunshots, overdoses and more