Business will be booming as huge crowds head to Cleveland for Cavs parade

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CLEVELAND, Ohio-- Huge crowds expected for Wednesday's celebration parade, and downtown businesses spent the last two days getting ready.

Hundreds of thousands are expected to attend the parade to help the Cavs celebrate the NBA championship.

"Extremely excited and a little bit scared," said Sean 0'Donnell, manager at Flannery's Pub in downtown Cleveland. "800,000 Is a lot of people."

Some restaurants spent the last 48 hours making extra food.

"We got the smokers going 24 hours," said Nolan Cleary, manager at Mabel's BBQ.

And hotels are busy, too. Many are booked solid for the next two nights.


Those lucky enough to get a room at the Drury will have a great view of the rally which will be held following the parade. The rally will be right across the street from the hotel.

"it's incredibly exciting," said Scott Schmelzer, general manager at the Drury Hotel.

And others like Pecola Pointer, owner of On Point Hair and Nail salon, say they are looking forward to the crowds and are thrilled the celebration parade is being held.

"LeBron and all the team, come here and get some lemonade," Pointer said. "You guys are the best!"

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