ITEAM: Denver police not sending police officers to help with RNC security

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Courtesy: RNC YouTube

CLEVELAND – The FOX 8 I TEAM has learned of yet another police department that won’t be coming to help Cleveland Police with security for the Republican National Convention.

Denver Police confirm they have decided against sending officers here.

Spokesman Sonny Jackson says, “At this point, we’re not gonna be there assisting for the RNC.”

Jackson says the decision was made 2-3 weeks ago, and it came because Denver could not reach an agreement with Cleveland on an MOU, a memorandum of understanding. Jackson says that agreement could cover anything from assignments for the Denver officers to liability coverage.

He points out that Denver never publicly disclosed how many officers it planned to send to Cleveland.

This news comes as Cleveland Police top leaders have said officers will be prepared, and there will be enough locally and from around the country to protect the streets.

Cleveland Police Union President Steve Loomis commented that, “While we know every police officer in the United States would like to come to Cleveland to assist us during the RNC, it continues to remain unfortunate the memorandum of understanding written by Cleveland administrators appears to be far too restrictive to allow them to safely participate.”

Just last week, the FOX 8 I TEAM obtained a recent Cleveland Police memo outlining departments planning to send officers here to help with security for the Republican National Convention.

The memo dated May 24 shows a total of 809 officers coming from about three dozen departments.

The police union has complained that the city has not attracted enough help from outside agencies.

At a recent council safety meeting, however, Police Chief Calvin Williams said, with federal and local agencies, the city would have “thousands” of officers on the street during the convention. Williams, though, would not give specific figures.

The memo the I-Team obtained states 33 officers from Akron will be coming for the RNC, and police there confirmed they are still sending that number. But the list also includes 20 officers from Greensboro, NC , but Greensboro has since said they are not sending any officers.

The same holds true for Erie County Sheriff’s Office. They are listed as sending 12 but the sheriff said Wednesday morning they won’t be sending any officers.

“Our priorities changed and we need to be here,” said Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth. He said he notified the city about two weeks ago.

The police staffing list appears to be fluid. Chief Willians said last week he is speaking with different departments daily. Sandusky police are marked on the list to send 8 but Police Chief John Orzech said that was a number he sent last year.

“We will send as many as we can to help out, but I don’t know if it will be 8,” Orzech said.

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