Cavs celebration: only minor damage reported downtown

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CLEVELAND - Minor damage was caused downtown by some of the thousands of people who celebrated the Cavs championship Sunday night.

A spokesman with the City of Cleveland said crews were out to pick up broken glass and other debris, but they had no reports of major problems.

Police Chief Calvin Williams said the majority of fans celebrated properly.

There were some construction barrels damaged and a few planters that suffered minor damage.

A couple of bars did close for the lunch crowd this afternoon so they could make repairs and clean up.

The Corner Alley on Euclid closed their doors while they cleaned.

And Flannery's Pub also closed for the lunch crowd while they fixed a broken window and other minor damage.

But one worker, who was cleaning up glass had a huge smile on his face and said he was not upset.

"We waited so long for this," said D Rouse. "We made history. All this in this bag that I am cleaning up, it's ok. I would do it all again. This is for Cleveland. We are number one baby."

And he asked that we give LeBron James and the whole Cavaliers team this message from him, "Thank you. Just thank you."